Apple finally gets a long-awaited phone patent

the American company, Apple, has obtained a patent for the long-awaited foldable phone, to enter the circle of competition with its rival, Samsung.

However, according to reports, Apple has no intention yet to manufacture this phone, and the new “iPhone”, if produced, would compete with “Samsung” foldable phones, and may outperform them due to the problems it suffers from due to damage to the bent area of ​​the screen, according to “Sky News Arabia”.

• According to the patent highlighted by the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, side buttons are placed on the new “Apple” phone to control volume, screen brightness, camera and other options.

• The patent indicates that the phone will open vertically to provide a more extended screen, compared to other designs that open horizontally to form a tablet-like structure.

• In order to avoid the problems faced by the “Samsung” foldable phones, “Apple” uses, according to the patent, more flexible materials in the line from which the phone is folded.

• The “Apple” patent comes at the same time that “Samsung” is being criticized for its “Galaxy Z Fold 3” phone, as its users are facing problems with the folding site, which affects the efficiency of the screen.

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