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6 new features for Whats App users

Many advantages that the WhatsApp application has offered to its users during the past days. In order to facilitate the task of communicating with each other via text chat or by voice communication.

It is expected that users of Android and iOS systems on WhatsApp will enjoy the new features, according to the “wabetainfo” website, which specializes in transmitting news related to the famous messaging application.

New WhatsApp Features
– WhatsApp for iOS 23.1.75 has been released on the App Store, giving users the ability to search for messages by date.

– The instant messaging application gave its users the ability to block users directly within the chat and notifications list, and it is available to some beta testers who install WhatsApp Beta for Android update.

The ability to share voice notes via status updates on iOS beta after installing WhatsApp beta for iOS

WhatsApp is working on the process of receiving chat history from an old Android device without using Google Drive, which is planned to be released in a future update to the app.

In the latest update to the WhatsApp for iOS app available on the App Store, WhatsApp introduces new shortcuts to make group interaction easier.

– WhatsApp is working to send images in their original quality thanks to a new setting available in the drawing editor, for a future update of the Android app.

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