Having trouble counting any object?  Now just take a photo; He will count(Count things from photos)

Count things from photos: Many of us need to count small objects to large objects for various purposes.  We have to count many small beads, stones, cut stone, red stone, holobricks, wire etc. in our daily life.  But it will take a lot of time.  But with this app you just need to take a photo.  He will count how many stones there are, how many pearls there are, how many wires there are.

The app uses counting templates to identify the objects to be counted in the photo we capture.  The counting template tells the app what to count.  Don’t bother counting anymore.  Save time.  Risk will also decrease.

♣️Click here to download the app on Android phone♣️

♣️Click here to download the app on iPhone♣️


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