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In the wake of Chat GBT, Artificial intelligence ignites a technology war

The world’s major technology companies announced the imminent launch of new programs based on artificial intelligence, in an attempt by these companies to save themselves from the “technological bomb” detonated by the American startup “Open AI” after it launched the “Chat GBT” program, which is a system A conversation that answers the questions that are asked to him in a rather accurate manner, and this tool is also capable of writing novels or poems in seconds, and it entered the field of the labor market in amazing ways, according to testimonies of users.

Well-known large companies, headed by Google, have benefited from the trial period to launch “Chat GBT” in the technology market since last November, as the program did not attract attention in the first weeks because it was in an initial evaluation stage, but the technology companies were working tirelessly during this period. Months in order not to lag behind the grinding global race in the technology market, each one prepared a “rush” version in an attempt to prevent “Chat GBT” from swallowing up its market shares.

ChatGBT is not the first program of its kind, but what was surprising about it is the quality of the answers it provides, whether by writing texts centered on a specific topic, explaining a complex issue in an understandable way, or even composing a poem or song lyrics.

Microsoft.. the first to arrive

Technology companies moved in two streams, the first mainly involving Microsoft, as it was the first to realize the “dangerousness” of the “Chat” program, and chose to invest in cooperation with the parent company of the program directly, and now threatens the throne of “Google” on the advertising market and controlling the main path of the sector. Technology via a range of new innovations.

The story began in the open since the end of January, when “Microsoft”, which has a partnership with “Open AI”, the creator of “Chat GPT”, announced that it would invest “several billions of dollars”, about 10 billion, according to US media, to enhance its cooperation. with the startup.

Yesterday (Wednesday), Microsoft launched its highly anticipated masterpiece, taking advantage of this partnership, which is updating its search engine (Bing) and Internet browser (Edge Web) with artificial intelligence, which indicates its ambition to regain the lead in consumer technology markets in which it has fallen.

The manufacturer of the operating system (Windows), according to a report by Jeffrey Dustin told Reuters, is betting on its future with artificial intelligence through billions of dollars in investments, while raising the flag of the challenge to Alphabet’s Google, which has outperformed Microsoft for years in Internet search and browsing technology.

Now, Microsoft is introducing an intelligent chatbot to accompany Bing search results, putting AI that can summarize web pages, synthesize disparate sources, and even compose and translate email messages, at the disposal of more consumers.

Microsoft expects to earn another $2 billion in search advertising revenue for every percentage point its shares rise. And Microsoft’s decision to update its browser (Edge) will intensify competition with its competitor (Chrome) of Google.

Microsoft’s share in the Internet search market so far is about 10 percent.

Google.. a creative ordeal

On the other hand, “Google” found itself in a “creative ordeal”, as “Microsoft” preceded it in riding the wave of the greatest technical development in the world of artificial intelligence, and it had to provide a product that is comparable to, or superior to, “Chat GPT”, otherwise the price will be It is very expensive, as the experiences of some ancient companies in the world of technology embody the rule of “one who is convinced of one’s success dies.” These companies were not only excluded from the competition, but also from the profitable market entirely, similar to “Nokia” for mobile phones.

Indeed, on Monday, Google announced the launch of its “cool” conversational robot in a beta phase.

The robot aims to combine the breadth of knowledge in the world on the one hand with the power of its language programs, its intelligence and its ability to innovate on the other hand.

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Alphabet, the parent company of Google, explained in a statement reported by Agence France-Presse that the robot aims to combine the breadth of knowledge in the world on the one hand with the power, intelligence and innovation of our language programs on the other hand.

Commenting on the fierce competition, Santiago Pombo of the data analytics company, Thinkspot, tweeted: “This is similar to the race to space,” referring to the “search engine war 2.0.”

The data indicates that it is difficult for “Google” to prevent its emerging new competitor (Open AI) and its great supporter, “Microsoft”, from reducing its market share due to the great dazzle left by the “Chat” program on users and the “trend” of the street, especially since “ Chat »has succeeded in penetrating all the interests of the financial, business, entertainment and literary community. But Google may win this war if major flaws appear in the “Chat” program, and at the same time Google succeeds in providing something more reliable, which is what the giant company is betting on. According to Sundar Pichai, CEO of Alphabet, Google intends to “create systems that are reliable.” “We are committed to the development of artificial intelligence in a responsible manner,” he said in a report to Agence France-Presse, noting that “Google” resorts to external organizations, government agencies and experts “to make its artificial intelligence tool safe and useful.”

Baidu.. Beta stage

On the other hand, giant Chinese companies have moved in and put forward prototypes of the most advanced AI innovations. In any case, Chinese companies have their own vision of technology and a giant domestic market that makes them less anxious than their Western counterparts.

In this context, the Chinese technology giant Baidu announced, on Tuesday, the launch of its own tool based on artificial intelligence, in a trial phase.

A Baidu spokeswoman told AFP that the company “is supposed to finish internal testing” of its software in March, and that the tool, called “Show me bot”, will then be made available “widely” at a date yet to be determined.

Baidu is the largest Chinese company to date to design a chatbot similar to ChatGBT.

The Chinese group has previously entered the world of artificial intelligence in the field of autonomous cars and cloud computing.

Also in China, the Alibaba Group announced, yesterday, Wednesday, that it is developing a tool similar to GBT Chat, and that it is currently in the internal testing phase. It is known that “Alibaba” has been focusing for years on large language models and synthetic intelligence (generative artificial intelligence).

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