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WhatsApp introduces an important and long-awaited feature

the WhatsApp instant messaging application has launched a new feature that allows iPhone users to continue video calls, while doing other things on their device at the same time.

And the WhatsApp application, which is owned by the “Facebook” company, announced this update, which takes advantage of the feature known as “picture-in-picture”. According to Sky News.

Earlier, the “iPhone” user had to end the video call via “WhatsApp” in order to be able to do other things.

This feature can be used in all types of calls, that is, whether the user is in a video call with one person, or within a WhatsApp group. 

Experts believe that this feature is more useful for companies, as employees will be able to communicate with customers while performing other operations on the devices.

The feature works in harmony with other iOS features such as Siri and Do Not Disturb mode.

According to “Business Today”, when the user receives a notification and a “Siri” message, while he is in the process of a video call on WhatsApp, there is no confusion in the connection.

iPhone users can take advantage of this feature if they have the latest version of WhatsApp (23.3.77).

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