Do you want to recover deleted photos and videos? No tension!!Here’s a cool trick(data backup and recovery)

Data backup and recovery; Sometimes the pictures in the phone gallery are deleted knowingly or unknowingly.  I think I need those photos later.  Photo recovery app super backup apk is there to recover deleted pictures from our phone.  All the deleted pictures can be downloaded and retrieved very easily through this app.  (data backup and recovery)

This application can be used for free without paying any special fee to use it.  The app can be used to recover images as well as vice versa.  You can permanently delete pictures from the phone and scan those pictures from the phone so that no one can get them back using the picture recovery app.

🛑Features of the application🛑
⏺️Recover images very easily.

⏺️No special knowledge is required to use the application

⏺️No PC required

⏺️No backup data required

⏺️You can also restore the pre-installation image of the application

⏺️Image can be recovered from phone or SD card

⏺️Compatible with jpg and png

⏺️The application is free

🛑How to use the application🛑
⏺️Select the folder

⏺️Select images

⏺️Select the Restore button



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