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Microsoft shuts down Internet Explorer permanently

the giant US software empire “Microsoft” announced that it has permanently disabled the “Internet Explorer 11” program, which at one time dominated Internet browsing in the world, adding that this step aims to improve user interaction with the Internet and transfer institutions to its new browser, “Edge”. This procedure will apply to specific versions of the Windows 10 operating system.

Microsoft said in a statement: “With the increasing number of websites that do not support Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge allows faster, more secure and more modern browsing of the Internet, while it can also open websites that still depend on Internet Explorer when needed.”

According to “Microsoft”, since last Tuesday it was decided to redirect devices that have not already moved to “Microsoft Edge”, from “Internet Explorer 11” to “Edge”.

The website, which specializes in technology issues, said that Internet Explorer once dominated the world’s Internet browsing software market. In 2003, about 95% of Internet surfers used “Explorer”, but the era of “Explorer” ended long ago, and Microsoft moved to “Edge”. But Microsoft’s tendency to integrate the new search engine powered by artificial intelligence Bing into Edge sparked a wave of great interest in the two, and when news spread of Microsoft’s intention to end Explorer last summer, the public’s reaction was overwhelming and jubilant

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