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The biggest threat to digital infrastructure is electronic piracy

The Deputy Director General of the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training, Dr. Ahmad Al-Hunyan, affirmed the interest of Kuwait and the world in specializing in cybersecurity due to the widespread use of technology in all fields, which is increasing day after day, which magnifies the need for specialists to protect electronic transactions, which requires the presence of management and a cybersecurity team to achieve the goals. the wish.

Al-Hunyan said at the opening ceremony of the Cybersecurity Forum “Challenges and Solutions”, which was organized yesterday by the Department of Electronic Engineering Technology at the Applied Institute, “The technological development and the development of communications and the Internet of Things witnessed the dangers of electronic attacks and piracy.”

He added: Everyone has resorted to cybersecurity to protect data and information, so this requires an accurate understanding of cybersecurity issues, which is one of the most important issues that concern individuals, companies, governments, and countries.

Al-Hunyan indicated that studies and reports indicate that there is a shortage of jobs in the field of cybersecurity of up to 350%, with a growth in cybersecurity jobs amounting to 3.5 million jobs in the world.

Speakers at the forum stressed that electronic piracy is the biggest threat to digital infrastructure. Al-Hunyan stressed that Kuwait, especially in the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training, needs to design applied programs and curricula in the fields of cybersecurity, whether at the diploma or bachelor’s level, which is considered one of the most important disciplines to obtain the most important jobs in the world, in order to prepare graduates specializing in digital security that qualify them to secure the work of systems. Computer, networks, and data centers, conducting security assessments, discovering vulnerabilities, threats, and cyberattacks, and how to address them through modern methodologies.

In her turn, the General Coordinator of the Forum, Dr. Fidaa Al-Shahwan, said that the trend towards digital transformation requires the flow of information, its security and the integration of its systems.

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